Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vegan Enchiladas

So I am in no part Hispanic...I just happen to love the food. Once you get away from the South Texas version of it, it can actually be pretty healthy. I have been missing enchiladas lately and buying the Amy's one can get really expensive. So I decided to create my own! They turned out very yummy! I did put Cheese on some of them for my boyfriend. If you are vegan but want cheese you can always go for soy blends or almond cheese.

1 cup of chopped veggies (I use onion, garlic, jalapeños and a variety of peppers)
1 cup of black beans
Green Chili sauce (Check the ingredients to make sure its vegan)
5 whole wheat tortilla (Again check, some of them use gelatin)
Soy or almond cheese (Optional)

Preheat to 450 degrees

Start by placing a tortilla down in a backing tray. load your beans, veggies, cheese and a small amount of chili sauce into the middle. Fold to close one side over the other. Repeat with all of the tortilla making sure that they fit snuggly together. You can use a ruler or a piece of Tupperware to hold them down. Or you can stick them through with toothpicks so the hold until you pour the sauce.

When you have all of the enchiladas fit snuggly into the pan pour the rest of the chili sauce over the top of them. It can flow over so don't be stingy with it. If you want top with cheese.

Take the pan and put it into the preheated oven. cook for 10-15 minutes or until the shells or the cheese start to brown.

Once they are done let cool and then enjoy! You can top them with vegan sour cream, salsa or extra veggies! Yummy!