Saturday, March 20, 2010

Local Treasures

I noticed that in all of my posts I have not stressed the importance of your environment. I, however, don't just means the idea that our earth is special and sacred . While that is important, being in touch with your environment doesn't just mean that. How can we really appreciate our towns and cities if we don't go out into them and find those local shops and restaurants that are hidden in the landscape of the vast array of chains that dominate the terrain?

So for a moment I would like to pay homage to one or two that I absolutely adore.

The first is Fruteria Tres Hermanos. This is a place to get giant fruit cups and other sweet and natural goodies that can be dosed with chili and lime juice. The also have mango's that are cut>into roses on a a giant lolly pop! The fruit is always fresh and juicy and cheap! $2.50 a cup! The down side is that its not on the nicest part of town...but I wouldn't pay attention to that. Many of the great foods that you will find are on the dodgie side of towns.

Last week we went to a farmers market and got a full reusable bag of fresh, locally grown produce for under ten dollars! It will do wonders on you tongue, stomach and wallet! This particular market is right at the 281 and 1604 cross roads. Not only is it full of local food grown by people in the area, it is also a craft fair. Most Sundays they will even have live performers there! It is full of fruit, veggies, jams, bread, flowers herbs and even a cup cake truck! These are all for a fraction of the store price.

I have to encourage everyone to look into the parts of their towns that they dont normally go to! Look for stores, road side stands and farmers markets. Supporting your local farmers is soooooo important I can not even express it! Local growers use less gas to transport their foods, they have less pesticide in the soil and their foods are typically more fresh. If your into micro-biotics they also only have whats in season!