About Me

I am a girl raised in a family that LOVES to eat. I was blessed enough to have a family that exposed me to all sorts of yummy food. I was never afraid to try new things and eat strange looking foods. When I started college I had never considered becoming vegetarian, much less vegan. After starting an Animal Rights group at my college with one of my best friends the injustices of the food production industry began to emerge, followed by health issues that were coming to the for front of our country.

Years later I cant imagine being anything but vegan. It regulated my chubby girl weight and made me aware of all of the possibilities of my body. Eating healthy and living a life style that keeps me educated and aware is something that I believe everyone should have in our globalized world. No more wondering if I'm going to feel sick after I eat, or bloated, or just plain gross. Eating clean is the way to inner peace and understanding your body and the world around you.

I love this food & even more this food loves me & my body. It revitalizes, energizes & keeps my body in balance & healthy. Join me in my quest to educate myself, eat healthy and enjoy life!

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you have or ideas for blog posts!