Monday, March 22, 2010

My Bike!

First off I would like to thank all of my friends for reading and promoting this blog! I am glad you like it so much and are liking the food on it. More so (no offense guys!) I would like to say how excited I am that my OPA and OMA are reading it! I really hope you guys like everything! Anytime you have any questions please give me a call! I love you all!

Okay well I have decided its high time to start doing more than yoga as a form of exercise. Eating well is not the only thing that makes one healthy after all. But i'm not much for the gym...they little money I have goes to my yoga classes anyway. Maybe when I get a big girl job. Instead of that I have decided to start being more active in my everyday life.

With that in mind, I will not longer use my car for anything 10 miles or under (Eventually I will make it more than that). I will use the bike that my sweet loving boyfriend got me for Valentines day! This means that I will no longer be driving to the market, to the school or anything else with a path that I could ride through. Keep in mind that San Antonio Drivers will hit me on site. Today I rode my bike to and from school. The route I take is roughly ten miles with a tonne of hills.

Not to mention that I hope to greatly reduce my carbon footprint. Right now it is 26.31 metric tons of CO2, which is pretty gross to me. But I'm hoping that by driving less and getting most if not all of my produce from local farmers will make a different in that. If you'd like to measure your own carbon foot print (And you really should just for perspective) HERE is the web site I used.

Again, though, this is meant to be a non activist blog...but consider this something that you can do thats healthy for you and healthy for the planet! The two are not exclusive at all! I know it sounds odd and rather sadistic but when you pedal your bike past a bunch of people in a drive though you get this great feeling that you are doing something out of the ordinary, well and healthy! Consider how many people that you see sitting in a car by themselves. Then consider that most of the time you drive you are not driving more than 15 miles from home. You could be burning off calories and making yourself healthier every step of that. And you could could be making the planet healthier too. Double win!


ARUNA said...

That's a cute bike!

Ashleigh said...

I call my grandparents (on my dad's) side my Oma and Opa, too! :DDDD
I don't know why that made me so excited. But anyway, I've been thinking about buying a bike for a while just to go biking around my neighbourhood and up Walgreens. It seems like bikes are just more convenient and easier than cars anyway.

Vegged out said...

lol its the german name for them! Thank you ARUNA. I really do recommend it abs are burning today but thats a good thing!

Stargazer said...

I'm surprised by your carbon footprint, actually. Mine is much lower, but I guess it helps having a one vehicle home and a masochistic refusal to run the central air... good that you decided to bike! I used to cycle everywhere, but I find it kind of a pain to do in San Antonio, so you're very inspirational.