Friday, January 22, 2010

Red Bean Pasta

So, as is the life of a college student I am nearly out of food and need to put the last twenty dollars in my gas tank to get to school (I really need a bike). Its time, for any person, vegan or not, to move into left overs mode. Lucky for me this isn't hard and for anything that I do need I can just go to the Arabian market and get what I need for under a dollar.

Pasta with Red Kidney Bean & Thyme

Hand full of dried whole grain pasta
Onion (as much as you want)
1/2 cup of cooked red kidney beans
Pinch of Thyme
Earth Balance butter
Soy Parm (optional)

Cook the pasta to the desired tenderness. The handful should double in size when it is fully cooked so don't worry if it doesn't look like too much. Drain out the water and leave the pasta in the strainer.

Turn down the heat to medium. Toss in Earth Balance and melt about half way. Put in the beans and onion and cook until onions are almost see through. After than toss in the pasta and thyme and mix in with the rest.

Soy parm is actually one of the few (if only) cheese sub that I like. After you pour it into a bowl, if you like sprinkle it with the parm.


Health note: When you combine beans and any whole grain it releases amino acids and vitamin's that you can only get when they are together!