Friday, January 29, 2010

Night on the Town

Last night my friend Alyssa and I had a night out on the town (sorta) since my boyfriend was at work. We started off by getting out friend Kristen to wax our eyebrows (poor thing) than doing the normal things to do (going and looking at lingerie, mucking around bed bath and beyond and the like).

The highlight of the evening was of coarse the food. You all know me, the night is nothing without a good, filling and nutritious meal. We decided to go to a little whole in the wall restaurant that I have been telling her about forever. Turquoise is a Middle Eastern restaurant with some of the best food that I have ever eaten. If you are in or know someone around San Antonio you should really check it out!

Not everything is veg or vegan but there are some great meal options that will make your mouth dance! I had the Imam Bayildi which is baby egg plant cooked in olive oil with tomato, green pepper, and onions, and served with rice.

Alyssa had the egg plant that was stuffed with ground beef but it still smelled good! So if you want to bring your meat eater friends its more than great for them too!

Than came the best part of every meal. Dessert. If you look at the link you will see they have only six desserts. Its a good thing that they don't have any more though. I already have trouble choosing. Alyssa ended up getting Baklava (Layer upon layer of thin pastry, filled with walnuts and drenched in a sweet sauce. Topped off with pistachios) Which can sometimes be just way too much for me. It burns my tongue it is so sweet! I got Kaysi Tatlisi (Sundried apricots stuffed with walnuts). To end it off we both got a cup of the most amazing Turkish coffee ever. I know Turkish coffee. Working in the hookah bar exposed me to it a lot and the men are really particular about it. So I can honestly say that this is the best!

To end the night, we came home a turned on the record player and shared a guava hookah with Kristen again. Good night and good food.

Hope you enjoyed it Alyssa!


Al Slaughter said...

Of course I enjoyed it ^-^. We must do it again.