Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tofu, Seitian and other meat replacements

For most new veg or vegans tofu can become a staple very very quickly along with other meat replacment products. While they are healthier than animal products they still hold allot more protein then a person typically needs and can have side effects that are the same as the meat that you once gave up. (boldness, fatigue and depression)

Unfortunately it is a very common American idea that if something is good for you, allot of it is even better. This is not true.

Instead of soy milk try rice, or almond milk instead. These aren't just hippy store foods. They sell them in your local supermarket in typically in the cereal isle. They even have Chocolate almond milk that ROCKS!

Tofu or soy based products aren't the only way to make a meal. Try using organic non processed foods like fruits, veggies and high fiber, nutrient rich whole grains like quinoa, barely, oats, brown rice and bulgur.