Monday, December 28, 2009

Snack time!

Snacks are unhealthy for most people. Potato chips, cheetos and the like. Snack time for me though really gives me a pick me up. So here are some my favorates that I thought that I would share with you.

Hummus is a great and filling snack. Especially with some whole grain pita that you can pick up at any Arabian market. I would get the hummus from there too. Sprinkle some Lemon seasoning on it with olive oil.

I love any kind of fresh fruit. Strawberries, mardrin oranges, raspberries and mango...everything. I reduce a little Balsamic vingear with agave syrup and lime juice than pour it over them. One of my fav seasonal ones through is pomagrant straight out of its shell. Theres alot of it and its sweet and tart at the same time. Its better than a whole bag of M&M's!

I also LOVE seeds and mixed nuts, most of all pumpkin and squash seeds. These little guys are great! Nuts are great too if you get them straight out of their shell and they are packed with protien and iron which will get you going about your day longer and stronger than a candy bar.

Wasbi peas also have a great spice to them. They satisfy even the most picky of snackers. I always have a handfull of them tucked away in my bag.

If you are really on the go and need something fast and portable, or if you forget something and walk into a super market looking for something to grab really quick, most places have Luna Bars (Copyright). They come in a bunch of flavors including chocolate peanut butter and S'more (Among others).

All of these should get rid of snack cravings and satisfy you a ton more! If you have any other suggestions let me know!