Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chickpea Curry


1 can of canned chickpeas or 1/2 a cup dried (Made to instructions)
1 can of Patak's Original Taste of India Cooking sauce (I like Jalfrezi Curry)
Brown rice

First thing that you want to do is cook your chickpea's. There are plenty of places on line to find out how to cook dried. If using canned (I dont because of the preservitives) cook to instructions.

Have rice cooked before you start the curry. Steamed brown rice is the best for you and I like the texture of it with the chickpeas.

In a meduim high heat pan, pour the cooking sure making sure that it doesn't burn. Stire in the chick peas and cook until hot.

Searve over the rice with a side of whole wheat pita.

Health points:
Brown Rice: