Thursday, April 22, 2010

Because Its Earth Day

So I couldn't think of anything to cook today for earth day that I haven't posted yet. Not to mention that I don't have any cash right now so buying food today is just not happening. But it is earth day and that in itself deserves applause. So yay!

On that note I do have some things that I would like to mention. The first is a cookbook for anyone that has kids ages nothing to teenagers. I found this on a blog that I follow (Food practice) and I am in love with it. Its called "Organically Raised" and it is something that I want when I have kids. I do have friends that have children and I suggested it to a few of them and they love it! For a full description of it on Food Practice click Here.

Another thing that I would like to share for Earth day is the Buddhist Shrine I made...or started today. Its a work in progress...just like living a mindful Buddhist life. For those of you that do not know a Shrine in this case is not like an alter (Just so I don't freak my family out). It is a focal point for meditation and a reminder in your home of being kind and compassionate to the world every time you walk out the door. So here is mine!

I hope you have a great Earth day and do your best to make the world the perfect peaceful place that you want it to me.