Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch Time Woo's

It’s hard working and being a vegan sometimes…not because of any weird reasons but just because of the hassle that Lunch Time can bring. Living in Texas makes that very hard (Unless you are in Austin; yes we know) considering the only places really around and fast are fast food places.

I always find it odd that I work for a sports and health agency that is devoted to promoting health for people in the community. Sadly very little of this has to do with eating healthy (It’s easier to not see the effect of fast food if your life is devoted to working out and playing sports…sadly the average Joe cannot do that.) and I see more than one bag of Bill Millers and Mc Donald’s a day.

This post is about finding ways to eat at work that are healthy, wallet friendly, and above all else, fast. (An hour lunch break is still a joke to me).

1) My first piece of advice is simple DON’T. Buying lunch is expensive 5 days a week…and I don’t just mean to your health. That wallet starts to look really anorexic if you eat out every day. Brining you lunch is cheaper (Money wise) and safer. When you bring your own lunch you know exactly what’s in it. And sandwiches are not the only lunch option that’s out there! Bring left over grains, pastas, casseroles and assortments of snack and you will be sure to have a different lunch every day of the week!

Above all, for me, brining your lunch saves you time. You don’t have to walk to decide with everyone where you are going all day, walk down to your car, drive where you need to go and then be sure you eat fast enough to do it all in reverse.

2) Sometimes you have one of those days…you know the one. You either wake up late and don’t feel like going to work…so you definitely don’t want to make your lunch. But where to eat? Taco Bell? KFC? Can’t do it.

Option one: Look at menus online of local take out joints. You have better luck finding healthy food at restaurants then at fast food.

Option two: My personal favorite. Find a grocery store…most grocery stores that small sections in them where you can buy premade food. I prefer Central Market. avocado sushi rolls or Chipotle quinoa are my personal favorites.

If you are like me you are more of a snack person anyway. I often buy a pack of raspberries or black berries or strawberries or blueberries (The list can go on and on!) and then go at it for the rest of the day!

So there you have it. Eat, love, live.


Medifast Meals said...

For sure you can save money not doing the take-out lunches, and you will eat healthier also.