Monday, May 9, 2011

Cold Summer Quinoa Salad

There is a recipe that is very similar to this at Central Market that I absolutely love! Its close to an addiction that's how much I love it. But at nearly 6 dollars a pound I would be better off having a drug addiction.

So I looked at the ingredients on the label and decided to give it a try myself! This is a great food to have at dinner. Even better then that it keeps for about 4 days and is easy to stick in a Tupperware container and take anywhere with you!


-1 cup of dried tri-color Quinoa
-2 Cups of water
-1 red pepper (Chopped)
-1 can of organic corn (Drained)
-1 large avocado (Chopped)
-handful or cilantro (Chopped)

Please keep in mind that this will cook quite a bit.

Cook Quinoa as you normally would. For those of you who have never cooked quinoa its almost just like cooking couscous. Bring water to a boil before placing drained quinoa into the pot. Cover and simmer until it is clear.

Move and chill until cold. In a large bowl mix the rest of your ingredients. Mix in Quinoa and stir everything together well.

Refrigerate until you are ready to serve.


ginger said...

This looks similar to a recipe I received in a cooking class at Central Market. It is seriously my favorite thing in the entire world, and I cannot make it often enough. If you'd like the recipe I have I'd be more than happy to share it with you. :)

Winnie said...

Hi Ginger, I'd love to have that Cental Market recipe if you don't mind sharing. Please email to me at Thank you so much!

Paige Primos said...

Would love to have this central market recipe as well, if dont mind sharing!

James Miller said...

Just saw your post, and I have been wanting this recipe since I first tasted their salad. If you'd share it, I'd be grateful!