Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Veggie Pizza's

There is nothing better then a good pizza...but its hard to find them without cheese for some reason. Plus when there isn't any cheese you have to have a really good crust. I've tried a lot of recipes for crust but none really turned out the way that I wanted. This one did.

For your crust you will need:
-1 cup warm water
-2 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
-2 tsp instant yeast
-1 tsp raw sugar
-3 tbsp olive oil
-1 1/2 tsp salt (2 tsp also works)

Combine your oil, salt and sugar together and whisk. Let sit for several minutes and then add one cup of warm water. Stick this into you bread machine on the dough setting. Gradually combine the flour into this letting one cup combine completely before adding the next. Let your bread machine do the rest of the work.

When you take it out it should be nice and elastic. If it isn't adjust and put back into the machine for a little while or kneed.


Next I would preheat your oven. I set mine to 500 degrees. As this is pre-heating divide the dough into 6 pieces about a quarter of an inch thick.

I use a white sauce which is an olive oil infused with anything you want. For this we used one with sun dried tomatoes and one with basil.

Now its time to pile on those toppings. I love fresh veggies so mine had olives, roasted red peppers, portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, garlic, and tomato. My none vegan friend and boy friend did pepperoni and mozzarella cheese so really you can go anyway you want.

Place in the oven when they are ready. You should leave them in about 7 minutes, rotating about half way though from rack to rack.

And there you have it! Perfect, from scratch, home made pizza's! You can always make them bigger or smaller.


whitney blane said...

this looks soo delicious! now i just have to decide between this and an egg tahini salad recipe i hard to choose!

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Those look great!!